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Your website is finished, online and functional. You are satisfied, but for how long? The web is a constantly evolving field, whether we are talking about technology, functionality, aesthetics or even user expectations.

Having an optimised site at launch is good. It is better if it remains optimised in the long term! A website needs to be maintained, checked and updated to ensure that it always functions optimally and securely. Without being maintained, updated, secured and fed with the latest technologies and module updates, your website will inevitably age and become obsolete if you do nothing to maintain it. Without renewal, search engines will rank it less and less and it will eventually become invisible to Internet users. Translated with (free version)

But that's not the only risk to your valuable sales platform! Your website can be the target of a cyber attack and become unavailable or even completely deleted. In this case, your business will take a hit and your turnover will plummet.


The ScaleDEV Premium maintenance at 99€ / month Excl Tax

This is why ScaleDEV offers you its ScaleDEV Premium maintenance contracts, accessible from €99/month. ScaleDEV Premium contracts ensure peace of mind and fluidity in the processing of your support tickets in the event of a problem with your website, thanks in part to the two hours of support reserved for you per month.

Services included in the offer

Complementary options

TMA "Third Party Application Maintenance" options

In addition to the maintenance contract, we offer you hours allocated to your website in our TMA. Allocating hours to your website through our TMA options will offer you a significant time and cost saving, by avoiding the need for a quote.

The TMA options allow

Controlling and reducing maintenance costs

Better control of

Improving the organisation of services

Optimising the website under a maintenance contract

Ensuring that operational conditions are maintained, which involves making corrections and then adapting to changes

Better control of
budgets. Pas de devis, un gain de temps ainsi qu’une fluidité de travail

Facilitate the management of resources and/or infrastructure

Ensuring proper use of the system through advice and support

ScaleDEV offers two TMA options:

TMA Forfait :

Decide on a random intervention time per month.

Assignment of a webmaster to carry out your customised developments afterwards.

Get priority treatment for your site and support at defined times.

TMA Régie :

Decide on a random intervention time per month.

Assignation d’un webmaster selon vos demandes et vos besoins.

If you do not use it, you will not be charged.

You can also opt for our flat rate TMAs, which allow you to get priority treatment for your site and your support during defined time slots.

Other complementary options

Dedicated Demo Space hosted at ScaleDEV**.

Creation of a copy of your site on our secure hosting at ScaleDEV, thus avoiding any technical risk on the main server during testing and development.

All the developments made by ScaleDEV will be carried out on this hosting and then put into production
Information communicated :

  • Access to the server as super admin

Monitoring and history of developments (github access)**

Allows you to record and track all developments made on the site in production and/or development.

  • advantages :
    • Monitoring of updates
    • Reverse easily
    • Knowing who is in charge of which task at which time
    • Facilitate production start-ups from the site under development
  • Provide Github access
    • Allows you to consult and follow developments and the possibility to interact.

Dedicated monitoring

  • Analysis of the availability of your site from several countries in real time.
  • Limits false positives when testing your site and allows you to see its performance.
  • Monthly report provided by ScaleDEV

CDN/Cache optimization & security via Cloudflare

  • Optimize the speed of the site ( CDN , Cache ) :
    • CDN
      • Availability of your site in several countries
    • Cache
      • Improves your server's speed
  • Additional website protection ( DDoS )

Secondary Site Maintenance Contract: PREMIUM BIS

  • Allows you to obtain a second site under a maintenance contract with the same conditions and a preferential rate.

Additional Site Option (Integration into TMA)

  • Allows you to benefit from the rates of a maintenance contract on another website where maintenance is not required.
    • Does not include maintenance hours for this additional site.

*Prix indiqués en HT **Des frais de mise en service peuvent être facturés

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