Opt for the most flexible parcel delivery in France and Europe, in Points Relais®, lockers and at home. A more economical, secure and traceable solution.


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Advantages for the retailer :

A wider choice of delivery methods in Point Relais®, lockers and at home

A simplified IT integration in a few clicks on your store

Total traceability: from the customer's order to the delivery of the package

Compatible with merchant protection provided by PayPal

Add or modify a Point Relais® before creating a label

Choice of order status before and after label creation


The official module allows e-merchants to have a distribution network of 40,000 Points Relais® including 8,500 in France (local shops) and home delivery in Europe.

Mondial Relay, a unique know-how for more than 20 years at the disposal of more than 45,000 e-merchants whatever their type of activity.

In particular, our START offer is designed to best support your business:

No commitment of volume or duration

No management or subscription fees

A completely autonomous account management.

How does it work? :

Contact us : https://www.mondialrelay.fr/solutionspro/contact-clients-professionnels/

and create a professional account

Install and configure the official Mondial Relay module with your parameter codes

Offer our Relay Points® and/or home delivery

Print the labels from your back-office

- To discover our START offer, consult our prices and access your parameter codes: https://www.mondialrelay.fr/solutionspro/offres-et-services/offre-start/


- To discover all our offers click : https://www.mondialrelay.fr/solutionspro/offres-et-services/

The + for the customer :

The customer will be able to choose the carrier Mondial Relay and select his Point Relais® or locker for the delivery of his order.

Installation :

Your store is in version 1.6 or 1.7? This module is already pre-installed and ready to use! To activate it, go to the "Modules" tab of your back office and click on install.

Use the technical documentation for module 3.0.0 available here: https://www.mondialrelay.fr/solutionspro/documentation-technique/documentation-techniquemodules/

Recommendations :

Warning!!! Your store is in version 1.4 or 1.5? You must configure the official module version 2.3.4, the version 3.0.0 will not work.

Use the technical documentation for the 2.3.4 module available here: https://www.mondialrelay.fr/solutionspro/documentation-technique/documentation-techniquemodules/