Configure an infinite number of POS terminals and payment methods (cash or in installments) that comply with DSP2 (3D-Secure V2). Choose the banks between CIC, Crédit Mutuel and Cofidis. Possibility to integrate the payment page on your website (iframe).

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Options available :

Choose the installation method
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Benefits for the merchant:


  • - Increased conversion rate with an ultra secure and very popular payment solution thanks to the Monetico module!
  • - Support for credit card payments with CIC, Credit Mutuel, Cofidis and the Canadian bank Desjardins.
  • - National and international card support for Visa, EuroCard MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.
  • - Support for cash payments.
  • - Support for payments in installments (2x, 3x, 4x) with Cofidis (provided you have subscribed to the option with your bank).
  • - Support for recurring payments.
  • - Partial or total refund of your customers' orders if needed from the back-office order form (requires activation of the option on your Monetico contract).
  • - Support for mobile payment in complete security.
  • - Ability to sell internationally with card payment in all major languages and currencies.


Features :


  • - Payment Terminals (TPE): Configure an infinite number of payment terminals (TPE).
  • - Payment Methods: Configure an infinite number of payment methods. Choose between "Cash", "Multiple Payments", "Recurring Payment", "Cofidis 3XCB", "Cofidis 4XCB", "Cofidis", "PayPal" and "Lyf Pay".
  • - Set the number of installments between 2 and 4 for multiple payments.
  • - Set the percentage of the first payment for multiple payments.
  • - Refunds: Partially or fully refund an order (requires activation of the option on the Monetico side).
  • - Contract Type: Choose between "Immediate Payment", "Deferred Payment" and "Partial Payment".
  • - Test mode: Activate / deactivate the test mode on your payment methods individually (no real payments).
  • - Express Payment: Avoid the customer to re-enter his bank details on the Monetico payment page (requires activation of the option on the Monetico side).
  • - Save rejected payments: Allows you to not empty the customer's cart when a payment is declined.
  • - Iframe: Allows you to integrate the Monetico payment page directly on your site or in a pop-up window (requires activation of the option on the Monetico side) (not available for Cofidis payments).
  • - Define the amounts from which the payment method is activated and deactivated.
  • - Define the name to be displayed on the account statement.
  • - Add a picture to illustrate your payment method.
  • - Customize the activation of a payment method according to stores, currencies, customer groups or countries.


Customer benefits:


  • - Have a secure payment compliant with the DSP2.
  • - Have a wider choice of payment methods.
  • - To have the possibility to pay in several instalments (with or without fees).
  • - Have a fast and efficient support (in French and English).




  • - Download the module.
  • - Install it on your store.
  • - Configure one or more POS terminals.
  • - Configure one or more payment methods.
  • - Test, if needed, your payment methods by activating the test mode.
  • - Send the CGI2 URL provided by our module to Monetico to activate the service.
  • - The module is ready to use!




  • Our modules are compatible with most hosting systems. However, it is preferable to have the configuration recommended by PrestaShop according to your CMS version:
  • - PHP version min. : 5.6
  • - PrestaShop version min. : 1.6

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